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The journey began in Mrs. Johnson's 8th grade English class at Boston Latin School with a creative assignment to write and illustrate a personal interpretation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The illustrations were not good. Fortunately the writing was much better. 

With experience in public and media relations, corporate communications and advertising/marketing, I have created everything from executive speeches and media pitches to social media posts and published articles. 

Let's create some stuff. 

Recent Work

WHK Hawks Still Flying High on the Ice

Kingston's youth hockey program helps build a love of the game in young skaters

KINGSTON - Unless you’ve experienced firsthand the arctic chill at the Hobomock Rink, you may not be aware of a fantastic organization supporting nearly 200 kids from Kingston and surrounding towns on the South Shore. I, myself, wasn’t aware of it until a few months ago when my 13-year old made the daunting proclamation that he wanted to “try hockey.”

Love golf? Here's a Valentine's Day love letter to the game — sort of

February is the month of love for many, when we wrestle our way through the aisles of Target or CVS on the prowl for the perfect card, one that captures our intimate thoughts about the ones we love.

It’s the season for romance and flowers, date nights and Rom-Coms, mushy cards, and dinners by candlelight (often induced by angry winter storms, for those of us in the north).

A token of love for our significant other is a must. It’s also highly recommended for parents, children, grandchildren, be

Play More Golf Now and How

Considering the situation we all find ourselves in these days, finding safe, enjoyable extracurricular activities has been almost as challenging as finding a vaccine for the virus that put us here.

Golf is one activity that has seen significant growth nationwide because it checks many of the boxes we need at the moment when searching for a reprieve from the everyday routine – outdoor participation, minimal contact, some social interaction, affordability (hear me out) and exercise.

And more and

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